Luxury Custom Curated Experience culls curated knowledge from Mobile World Congress classroom


Navigating the ever-changing pattern of consumer behavior and understanding the impact of the Internet of Things are some of the foremost challenges luxury houses are faced with today.

Technology changes rapidly, and luxury houses have been notoriously slow to adapt alongside the latest technological advances, but a new program offered during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb. 22-25 is setting out to improve the industry’s understanding of IoT and its impact on consumer experience. Luxury Custom Curated Experience is intended to assist luxury brands attending Mobile World Congress to better grasp IoT and how mobile and technology touchpoints can be implemented through strategy and tactic.

“Consumers in Motion Group is launching Luxury Custom Curated Experience in collaboration with the Mobile World Congress Tour Program at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona,” said Dan Hodges, CEO of Consumers in Motion Group and co-founder of Luxury Custom Curated Experience.

“Europe is the center of the luxury world and we are pleased with the participation of global luxury brands this years at Mobile World Congress,” he said.

Game plan

Created by Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, the annual four-day Mobile World Congress brings together vendors from across the sector, including 800 telecommunications operators and others from the broader mobile ecosystem. Participants include handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as those in adjacent industry sectors.

Bringing together the world’s technology and thought leaders in one venue offers luxury houses an opportunity to learn about the possibilities the sector can offer their business. But with so many vendors and topics of discovery, a course of effective action may be hard to narrow down.

Mobile World Congress is attended by the global inventors that are shaping tomorrow’s future, offering innovations that will serve as models and inspiration for businesses going forward. Commonly, brands and agencies attend the summit and find themselves asking, “How do you find out about the technologies and the business problems that have already been solved?” and “How do you find out what you do not know and find out what you are missing?”