Exhibitor Training Program

Why Train?

In 2017, Consumers in Motion Group conducted a survey of attendees perception of exhibitors. We measured basic success factors (below) and found that over 60% of the exhibitors were below average.

Why train? Companies that mastered booth basics, presentation impact training and pre-meeting preparation had a significant increase in qualified traffic.

Booth Etiquette

Content relevant to attendees' interest

Quality of the preparation

Readiness & preparation

Follow-up next steps

Booth Basics Training

elevator pitch-icon

Elevator Pitch

body language-icon

Body Language





eye contact-icon

Eye Contact



Presentation Impact Training

presentation impact training

Delivering the Message

We train to optimize human engagement and
communication skills

Preparation Training

preparation training

Knowing Your Audience

Identify who is attending, and what is important to them
in advance

Training Pricing

Skills Training & Testing
Training Package (Five Modules)

Basic Booth Etiquette

Presentation Impact Training

Preparation Training

Exhibitor Evaluation Report Card

Post Report Card Improvement Training